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Maximising Performance with Facebook

On the back of the launch of ‘Pathfinder’ (a joint iProspect and Facebook planning resource), we co-hosted an event in Facebook’s London offices, which focused on how best to use Facebook’s platforms, formats and audience targeting capabilities to reach new customers and encourage them to act.

The most striking theme from the morning was Facebook’s ability to offer solutions which aren’t either brand or performance but actively encourage both. This is a fundamental reason why Facebook’s estimated share of global display advertising was 44% in 2015 (source: IHS). As Chris Small, Product Marketing at Facebook suggests; ‘Engagement is not a real business result’.

A huge proportion of mobile display - 80% - is served on a mobile device in ‘moments’; Facebook claim that people don’t search using a mobile, they in fact discover. The ‘logged-in’ nature of Facebook means that cross-device measurement is not complicated and is a big driver in the rise in recognition of the role of mobile within the consumer journey. Last Click measurement is thought to misattribute between 22% and 54% of mobile to desktop; in fact, Facebook goes further in suggesting that DoubleClick regularly misattributes up to 22% of all Facebook traffic as it relies on cookie-matching rather than signed-in users.

Targeting signed-in users contributes to the success of using ‘lookalikes’ as opposed to traditional interest-based targeting for prospecting. Custom audiences, much like Google’s Customer Match offers CRM integration into campaigns and has proved itself as a method to exclude existing customers from any campaigns focused on acquisition.

As for a suite of formats to maximise effectiveness, there are a few which Facebook have invested in:

As for creative advice; good creative is relevant creative; the right stories, to the right people at the right time.

As for creative advice, good creative is the right, relevant story that’s shown to the right people at the right time. This is especially true when using Social channels as we put disruptive tactics in front of passive audiences.