IWD 2018 2

Lets Celebrate Women Everywhere: Paid Search Team Share Thoughts on #IWD2018

In our second post dedicated to International Women's Day, which is this Thursday (8 March), Maeve, Sally and Samira from the Paid Search team share their hopes and thoughts for this year and the future. 

My hope for the future of gender equality is that we create an environment where all voices can be heard no matter how loud. We should be open to all styles of management and not be afraid of the potential challenges that we face as women. I hope the momentum for change across all industries continues so that more diverse, balanced and successful teams can be created that represent our whole society, not just half of it.

-Maeve Ayton, Paid Search Director

International Women's Day may mean something different for everyone. For me, it’s a time for us  to celebrate the successes of women around the world no matter what their background or status is. It’s also a time to address the challenges faced in the past and present as well as the desired changes we want for the future. It’s great to see iProspect truly supporting and valuing the diversity of women today. 

-Samira Javaid, Paid Search Planner

International Women’s Day to me is a day to celebrate women all around us, their successes and achievements. I’m grateful to be born at a time when gender equality is improving and that it has come far. I believe women should be given the opportunity to be considered based on their capability, not gender. The mindset of society is changing, but not fast enough, so there is more we can do to continue to empower and inspire each other to accelerate gender parity.

-Sally Luong, Paid Search Manager

In case you missed yesterday's post from the Engagement team, you can find it here. Check back tomorrow for our next dedicated IWD post.