#iProspect UK

iProspect, Carat and Adidas combine to win Best Brand at the Twitter Honours Awards 2013

The #BestBrand Award, Twitter’s Grand Prix Award, celebrates the brand that has displayed the best use of the Twitter platform over the last year across a number of disciplines. The award encapsulates all facets of a brand approach on Twitter, from the creative concept right up to media buying, execution, optimisation and real time management.

Key to the success this year was the #allforthis campaign which ran predominantly in the run up to and during this year’s Champions League Final at Wembley. As well as encouraging football fans to predict the final in order to win tickets for 2013/14 competition, a lot of the success of the campaign hinged on real time tweeting and promoting of content at key moments of the big game. Having a strong real time strategy is key to success on a platform like Twitter which is so sensitive to live events. Adidas created a “war room” for big events which allowed it to group together all the best minds across its business and partner agencies, to produce and promote content to users looking for real time information.

Along with developing strong content customised for the Twitter platform, it was imperative to make sure we were hitting the right users at the right time. For this iProspect worked in conjunction with Carat and Adidas to develop niche targeted strategies, which we had tailored to fit every single content thread that we promoted. For example, during the Champions League Final, we targeted users who followed relevant football @handles, but more importantly we targeted users who were discussing the game. In order for this to maintain traction, we frequently tweaked our keyword and topic lists in line with in game events, making sure that Adidas would have a share of voice on any time sensitive discussions. It was this real time and customised approach which really helped Adidas stand out from the crowd, at a time when so many others were vying to piggy back the buzz of trending topics.