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Increasing Engagement With Promoted Video On Twitter

In early August Twitter announced a beta test for its new Promoted Video format aimed at marketers looking to distribute their video content on the platform. Twitter originally started testing for this new feature at the beginning of the year and after some slight tweaks it is now available on the platform as a limited release.

With video advertising becoming an increasingly prevalent part of online marketing and video proving to be the most popular media form on Twitter, it is a natural progression for the platform to roll out this type of functionality. The company is on a mission to convince investors and advertisers that despite a slowing adoption rate, it still provides substantial reach and high levels of engagement, and the new promoted video format is aimed at increasing both these aspects.

 The new feature will appear embedded on users’ timelines with a play button appearing on the thumbnail as seen below. Once a user clicks on the video it will automatically enlarge to take over the whole screen, giving the most engaging viewing experience.

Using Promoted Video will also give advertisers access to Twitter’s new video analytics, including completion percentage figures and also a comparison between organic and paid video views. These new features will increase advertisers’ ability to measure the effectiveness and reach of each video.

iProspect has had access to this beta over the last month and has been testing it with several brands across different verticals.  Overall performance so far has been very positive, with low cost per views and high engagement rates for the campaigns we’ve run. The analytics feature has proved very useful too when running A/B tests, as it allows for in-depth analysis on which video content is proving to be the most engaging. It will be exciting to see how this new feature will impact campaigns and the sort of effect it will have on engagement rates, so watch this space!