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Increase your Reach as Bing launch PubHub for Content Publishers

This time last week (6th June 2016) Bing announced through their blog, their new PubHub tool. The tool, developed for content publishers allows them to expand the reach of their content and readers. Big News PubHub allows publisher to submit their news stories for distribution across the Bing network including Cortana, Outlook news and both the iOS and Android Bing search app. The company claims that this new tool will allow verified publishers both big and small, international or local the opportunity to reach a wider Bing audience with interesting content.

Bing says,

“In the era of push notifications and shared posts, publishers face constant pressure to get their content discovered and in front of as many readers as possible.”

Reach millions with the Bing News PubHub”

In an attempt to lure new publishers into the content distribution network, Bing makes the following claims:

  • Bing now has more than 20 percent of U.S. desktop search market share.
  • Bing helps millions of users to get the most comprehensive and relevant news through Cortana and Outlook News
  • On both iOS and Android news is available through the Bing search App


In order to sign up to Bing’s new content distribution network, you’ll have to jump through a few hoops.

  1. Ensure you’re following the Bing webmaster guidelines. Very similar to Googles.
  2. Use the Bing webmaster tools, to verify your site
  3. Submit your site through this simple online form

Once completed and you’re approved, Bing promises publishers that when they submit their content through Bing PubHub,

“they’ve just expanded their reach significantly, giving their stories and outlets even greater exposure.”

In an attempt to add a level of quality control, Bing have also included the following criteria when evaluating news sites:

  • Newsworthiness
  • Originality
  • Authority
  • Readability

Why would you consider Pub Hub?

Creating content with publishers is only 50 percent of the deal, the other 50 percent is ensuring that consumers see it. With a wider reach, which is what Bing is promising, comes more traffic, more traffic could result in more sales and revenue. Greater recognition and brand loyalty. A win for brands that are adopting a digital PR and content strategy. Brands may want to consider their audience, how and where they are consuming news and working with publishers to achieve online coverage, assuming this is the right channel for their audience, the boost in exposure from Bing PubHub will only help.

According to the Bing post, the news team are working hard to develop this and other product that connects publishers with readers. Here at iProspect we are keeping our eyes peeled, will this force change the way that Google News is distributed?