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Here for the Challenge: Three Female Leaders In Paid Social Share Their Thoughts for #IWD2018

The media is an industry which is in a perpetual state of disruption from which performance media channels like Paid Social have emerged in recent years. Working in Paid Social means interacting on a daily basis with companies like Google and Facebook, who are among the fastest moving businesses in the world. The speed of innovation is relentless and so is the need to deliver quickly for clients.


Of the eight Account Directors in Paid Social currently within iProspect London & Stafford, six of them are women, who manage client portfolios leading strategy and investment recommendations worth millions of pounds.


In honour of International Women's Day 2018, I spoke to three of them to learn a bit more about their thoughts and hopes for women in the future.  


"I love how fast paced the channel is. There is always something new to challenge yourself with, whether it is new technologies, placements or even just new ways of running campaigns to make them even more efficient. I am always learning and developing myself," says Catherine Chappell, a Paid Social Account Director. 


When asked what brands are leading the way in terms of highlighting gender equality right now, she highlights: "When I was working as a consultant a few years ago, I was a mentor for a new business called Digital Mums. They have since gone on to launch #flexappeal which is all about making workplaces agile to allow working Mums to get a great work life balance. Their campaigns tend to follow flash mob style campaigns which are broadcast on social."  


Vasiliki Bloore is a Paid Social Account Director with more than six years of experience in the field, which qualifies her as an industry veteran, who helped deliver this practice since its early days. She has chosen to work in Paid Social "because it stimulates my creativity, inspires me on a daily basis and never stops challenging me."  


"One of the main challenges that women face today is finding the work-life balance. Women are expected to be mothers, wives, daughters, and play many other roles while working hard for their career development. Often finding this balance is challenging, but within the right work environment, women can achieve it all."


At iProspect, providing a work environment that delivers for its people is a priority. Jessica Whitney, Paid Social Account Director based in Stafford, adds to this: "iProspect provides a very positive environment for advancement, which is also on a level playing field.'' Jessica joined iProspect in 2014 and has progressed quickly within the network since then. 


"International Women’s Day, to me, is day which reminds us of the strength and determination of women (and many men too) to challenge and change the status quo. And to change it for the better,'' she said. ''It’s a reminder that when you’re faced with challenges – whether that be on a personal level, at school or at work, whether you’re a man, woman, or transgender – that with strength and determination, almost anything can be achieved. And when people come together, as a team, with a common cause, then the results can be truly powerful."