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Google @ iProspect 2013 Art and Science: The value of convergent thinking

Really great digital marketing is about more than science, it’s also about great creativity. On November 27th, iProspect teamed up with Google to explore this view and examine the rapid convergence of creativity and data that is currently impacting the advertising and marketing industry. The thought-provoking morning featured speakers from Google and the Dentsu Aegis Network agencies including iProspect, Vizeum and Carat, as well as a few special guests taking to the stage.

Nishma Robb, Chief Client & Marketing Officer for iProspect, kicked off the event by addressing the importance of collaboration between art and science in the marketing industry. Gone are the days that creativity triumphed solely on its own; data and digital are now key players in the marketing and advertising space. In his keynote speech Matt Britten, VP Sales and Operations, NACE, Google, emphasised the importance of the UK’s Internet economy which currently stands at £150 billion and is predicted to grow 10% year on year. Matt highlighted the huge opportunity for brands to use digital to enhance their own business offerings and the need for agencies and clients to make sure we are educating and preparing the next generation for this purpose.

Carat’s Matthew Hook, Chief Strategic Officer, offered his view on how the marketing industry has adapted to the technological changes of the 21st Century during his joint presentation entitled ‘Mad Men & Maths Men’. Matthew emphasised the need to change the way we think of the creative process to enable true innovation. The industry should take advantage of the maths men and use their insights to create better, more targeted and intuitive campaigns. Supporting this point Nick Drabicky, Head of Bought Media at iProspect, emphasised the problems of mass information that we all face on a daily basis. In a world where around 2 terrabytes of data are being produced each day it’s more important than ever that we are targeting the right people at the right time and with the right content.

To understand what the real content creators think Sam Haste and Nicola Chapman of Pixiwoo, fashion and make up YouTubers, took to the stage to discuss how technology has impacted their lives. With over 1.3 million subscribers their channel has grown into an influential content hub and trusted source of information for people interested in make-up and cosmetics. What started off as a fun and creative video tutorial, evolved to become an established brand, demonstrating how powerful the coupling of creativity and technology can truly be.

As a fellow YouTuber, Robert Llewellyn, best known for his role as Kryton in scifi comedy Red Dwarf, also spoke of his success as an early convert to the video-sharing website. He used the platform to showcase his own interviews with people in his Toyota Prias, which eventually led to a brand hook up with the car manufacturer. He then spoke of his positive experience with crowdfunding that helped him enter the world of online publishing. All of these examples were used to emphasise the point that we should not be scared of technology, but we should embrace it and use it to enhance our creativity.