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Embracing Agile Working

iProspect UK continues to champion flexible working conditions for all its staff, to further support a better work-life balance across the board. This not only involves the ability to work within the business’ Core Hours of 10am - 4pm (allowing for more flexible start and end times), but also to encourage agile working for all employees. Whether this be working remotely from home, in a café, or on the go, this has meant massive changes for the business in terms of communication, working together (and from afar), and also: trust.

As someone who doesn’t have kids, I had never considered the idea of working remotely being possible for me, because – what was the need? Well, as it turned out – the need was for my mental health. Being around a lot of people five days a week can be stressful for some, and for me, by the fourth day I was starting to fatigue from meetings, from constant chatting, and from being interrupted at my desk without warning. Enter agile working: with this option available to me, I have been able to work from home one day a week, every week, to give me a break from the office (and the office a break from me), which has also meant I can combine my favourite past-time into my working day: dogs.

I joined Borrow My Doggy a few years ago, but until the last year or so wasn’t able to utilise the borrowed-doggy scheme much as I was limited to weekends. Now, being at home one day a week means I can also take my puppy pal Monty out for a long walk one day a week, as well as have him with me at home for some non-human company during the day. It’s true that animals make the very best therapists, and so have one day at home/with Monty per week has really done wonders for my mental health, as well as my productivity.

This year, iProspect UK has gone one step further by introducing a completely agile working environment to its head office in London. What does this mean? Basically: hot desking. Which is great for fluidity, for collaboration, for cross-team bonding, and really, a great reason to get in to the office before everyone else, to make sure you get the best seat! A complete office refurb has meant that every one of the Dentsu Aegis floors is a comfortable, stylish, and calming area to work in, so we are now spoiled for choice more than ever. Gone are the days when it maybe seemed a bit 'odd' to be found wandering different floors, because now it’s encouraged. And, unless you arrive late and have to sit at the dodgy desk with the wonky screen, it’s also awesome to have the variety of options we do now too.