A World Cup Win for PPC
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A World Cup Win for PPC

It’s official: World Cup fever has swept the nation. Since England hasn’t progressed this far in the World Cup in almost 30 years, it’s to be expected that flags are flying and pubs are bursting at the seams. This is new territory for both the country and online retailers. In honour of the World Cup, our PPC experts have looked into the link between the World Cup and fashion.  

The World Cup and Womenswear

All eyes appear to be glued to screens when the England matches are on, but not everyone is watching the match. Across the womenswear sector, retailers are seeing online uplifts during game times, particularly during the England vs Sweden match. Womenswear retailers experienced a 6% increase in clicks to their website from Google ads. This shows that not only are more people visiting fashion retailers but they are buying more too. Orders during the match, compared to the same hours the previous week, have experienced a 13% increase.

Waistcoat Mania

One trend that is sweeping this year’s World Cup is the waistcoat, thanks in large part to England’s manager, Gareth Southgate.  Searches for Gareth Southgate have appeared on Google since Gareth and his waistcoat first made an appearance. It is no coincidence then that after every England game, online searches for waistcoats rocketed. Similar to the shopping behaviour mentioned above, this was certainly the case after the England vs Sweden match.

So, what does this mean for advertisers?

It’s the perfect time to invest more on search during match hours. One of the benefits of advertising on search engines is the flexibility to shift and change budget amounts to be reactive to the market. Retailers therefore need to be visible when consumers are searching and for womenswear brands, that time is during England matches.

Below you will see how Google Trends has captured interest over time for waistcoats and Gareth Southgate. 

A World Cup Win for PPC  


A World Cup Win for PPC 2