Using AI to uncover the signals that matter

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Creative insight in marketing is undergoing a revolution.

With an explosion in both the array of formats and breadth of dynamic creative opportunities across digital channels, the need to understand what’s working or not working and why is growing exponentially. Given the huge impact of creative on ROI, it’s more important than ever to understand the influence of creative elements on performance outcomes. This paradigm shift is bolstered by emergent AI technologies, which now provide new ways to understand the impact of creative choices on performance.

By connecting these capabilities, we were able to create an analysable dataset of ad performance (Actions and Engagements) and associated image properties via AI & ML Image recognition technology, such as colours, text, people, emotions, smiles or frowns and specific objects. Our data insight team then found key learnings across and within the categories. In this POV, we summarise the key learnings from our research.

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