Trends 2015

Trends 2015

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Our best digital minds share their thoughts on what 2015 will hold for the media industry. From voice search to the rise of premium programmatic formats, iProspect UK predicts what must be top of every brand’s agenda for the year ahead.

What are the big trends to watch in 2015?

Traditionally with programmatic it was all very standard. Now you’re seeing premium formats as well...” Martin Vinter, Head of Bought Media

People search differently on mobile, and voice search is going to have an even bigger impact...” Britt Soeder, Head of Owned Media

We’re in a second wave, where visuals are overtaking purely text-based content...” Ed Hartigan, Head of Earned Media

With a lot of day-to-day campaign management now automated, there’s more time to look at the data in different ways and find insights that computers can’t...” Alistair Dent, Head of Product Strategy

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Digital trends for 2015

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