Retail DNA

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The retail landscape in the UK is facing a headwind of uncertainty. Combined with the increased battle for attention in today’s always-on economy, brands are having to fight harder than ever to remain relevant in an increasingly cautious consumer environment.

In 2016 when the first Retail DNA was published, it was a time when the retail market had undergone a revolution over the previous
decade. The work was well-timed, sharing a deeper understanding of the ‘on-demand shopper’; a new customer whose shopping behaviour
had been shaped by digital channels.

The intervening three years have witnessed significant shifts in the retail landscape, both online and in-store. This has been driven by ecommerce
and the proliferation of digital platforms where all a customer’s shopping demands can be satisfied with a click, at any time. The results can be
seen where shoppers are choosing to spend: in 2016 UK online sales accounted for £25.19 billion by 2018 they had grown to £34.46 billion; an increase of 27%.

This growth has seen the rise of Amazon (as a retailer and a platform), direct to consumer brands, proliferation of online competition, the list
goes on. Innovation and change are the new constants. This report strives to better understand today’s savvy, demanding and sceptical shopper.

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