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Future Focus 2018 The New Machine Rules

The transformative impact of Machine Learning, A.I. and Voice

It is clear that the transformative impact that technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Voice Activation have had on businesses around the world will be felt in 2018 and beyond. The innovated platforms developed in the West are being utilised in emerging markets yet the possibilities remain endless for businesses who wish to thrive and remain ahead of the curve.

As part of iProspect’s annual Future Focus report, 250 global clients were interviewed on the key challenges they face in2018 as well as the priorities for growing their businesses in this fast-moving and high-pressured digital economy.  

  • More than half (55%) of marketers surveyed agreed that Machine Learning will allow them to make better decisions and 48% are looking to build a strategy for Voice search and digital assistants. A further 53% believe it will allow them to deliver personalised content at scale.

  • In fact, consumers are turning more of their day-to-day decisions over to digital assistants, and this will, in turn, transform how information is accessed.

The focus is on the future. Download the 2018 Future Focus whitepaper here. 

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