B2B Strategy

Our B2B strategists use a bespoke planning process called iP Logic that allows us to deliver best in class performance marketing strategy across your specific business vertical.

Our Approach

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    Our first step is to utilise data and analytics to understand your specific business vertical and core business challenge. We then build a detailed portrait of your consumer and their behaviours within your business vertical.

  • 2


    Our next step is to build the overarching strategy. Using channel specialists, we define the specific media, content and tactics. We then plot how and when our chosen media will work together to deliver on goals.

  • 3


    At the activation stage, we decide on the technology we will use to both activate and optimise towards performance and engage our tech specialists to put this in place.

  • 4


    We constantly improve results as we go, using learnings to continuously feed campaign adjustments. We report back to you on a regular basis providing insight and recommendations.