Webinar: The Omnichannel Opportunity

Webinar: The Omnichannel Opportunity

In partnership with The Drum and Criteo, iProspect UK took part in a webinar on the reality of omnichannel shopping.

When: 8 June 2017

iProspect UK took part in 'The Omnichannel Opportunity' webinar on 8 June 2017. The webinar explored how brands need to follow the shopper: by viewing retail locations as an advantage, by focusing on "shopper marketing" versus "channel marketing" and by utilising online technologies that facilitate omnichannel development. 

Hosted by The Drum, the webinar explored how the reality of omnichannel shopping is here now, and how part of the value in the omnichannel opportunity is connecting online and offline purchases, but the greater value is linking the holistic shopping journey to a seamless experience for the shopper. 

Did you miss this event? Visit the The Drum website to listen to the webinar.