IAB Search 24/7

IAB Search 24/7

Head of Product for Paid Search, Scott Abbott took part in this years IAB Search 24/7 exploring Marketing to the Machine.

When: 13 July 2017

Consumers’ search behaviour is becoming increasingly complex as new technology becomes embedded into people’s daily lives. From voice and image search, to the IoT and Digital Assistants, the ways in which consumers search for brands, products and information is changing rapidly. With machine learning and AI creating new opportunities to become more relevant in the moment, how can brands take advantage whilst simultaneously setting themselves up for a future in which the consumer may not search at all, instead handing over control to the Digital Assistant and marketing to the machine?

This session hosted by iProspect’s Head of Product for Paid Search, Scott Abbott, focussed on what brands can do today to capitalise on consumer shift tomorrow as these new opportunities move to the forefront of Search Marketing. Attendees learnt about changes in consumer behaviour, the do’s and don’ts for search marketers today and in the future, and predictions for how AI will continue to shape Search.

Did you miss this event? View Scott's presentation from the day.