Google da un paso más en la tecnología de localización con Eddystone

Google takes a step further in the geolocalization technology with Eddystone

Google wants to go beyond the geolocation strategy, so they have set up a new system with the Eddystone technology. This system allows linking smartphones with close objects and collecting contextual information.             

They will use beacons in some places for the purpose of linking the information with the devices. This process is made by Bluetooth Low Energy, an energy saving technology that doesn’t drain the battery.               


Apple has already implemented this kind of geolocation through iBeacon (a Beacon technology company) and now, Google joins and develops this trend for Android and iOs.

In this way, mobile users can receive and manage efficiently the best relevant information and Google services in their apps.         

This system works until 50 to 70 meters of distance from the beacons and it doesn’t need internet connection. It only needs the user to activate the “notifications” option.

For example, imagine one user inside a museum that has this technology. The user can be enjoying the picture while he’s receiving interesting information about the artistic work in his smartphone.  

One of the others Eddystone applications is to provide a better bus experience, helping with the ticket purchase when the user is close to a bus stop.  

In conclusion, with this fact, Google opens the door for working with new applications to make users life easy. This can be a good principle, especially when the users spend many hours in front of their devices.