Diferencias entre Google Adwords y Bing Ads

Seven differences between Google Adwords and Bing Ads

Bing is getting dangerously close to Google in the USA. We have observed that Bing held 20% of the market share through Comscore studies. This has supposed more of 3.689 search queries during last May (Google has 11.666 million). If we add Bing results to Yahoo ones (served by Bing), Microsoft search engines have a 33% of market share: a third part of the American market.

 The distance between the two search engines is still too wide in Spain but, why don’t be ready for Bing development? Then you can see seven differences between the two search engines:

1)     More ads situated in the first positions.

Bing shows 4 ads at the top of the search results page instead of three ads as we find in Google SERPS page. This is the main difference because it is calculated that 60% of the clicks are made in this top area.

2)    Cheaper clicks

Bing competitiveness is still lower than Google because of the smaller presence of advertisers. For example: while “cerrajeros en madrid” (madrid locksmith) have a 22,32€ bid in Google, in Bing is situated around 4,04€. This means much more attractive CPA’s.

3)    Text formats for ads

Bing has only one descriptive line of text with 71 characters for text ads. When there is enough space for ads, this factor gain in importance.

Siete diferencias entre Bing Ads y Google Adwords

4)    Forget broad match in negative keywords.

We’ll miss negative keywords in broad match inside Bing. We can only work with phrase match and exact match. Clearly understand this detail because we should work with synonymous and related keywords.

5)    Different bid for different device:

While in Google Adwords we can only modify bids in smartphone devices, in Bing Ads we could also decrease or increase bids in tablets.

6)    Automated URL tagging

It is necessary to tag URLs in Bing Ads for monitoring Bing traffic through Google Analytics. If this tagging is not implemented, Google Analytics will identify this traffic as organic traffic. It will get confused between organic and paid search.

7)    Monthly budget

I miss this functionality for some of my Google clients. In Bing is possible to stablish a monthly budget for your campaigns. But be careful because it will not be distributed along the entire month instead of this distribution it will be spent as soon as possible (as in the accelerated delivery option in Google).

Bing is a huge opportunity to diversify our advertising investment in search engines with a good performance. And, what about you? Are you using Bing Ads?