New Bing tourism sector trends


Summer brings the start of vacations, escapes and free time…and of course the rush to get the cheapest and best quality vacation package. High tourist season has just starts and our flights, accommodation, vacations and car rental campaigns are getting ready for a top visits and sales period.  
What and how are the users looking for? Let’s see some numbers.

According to the eMarketer worldwide digital Travel Sales study, published during on December 2014, users have increase their investment on digital tourism sales. 510.000 millions of touristic products consumption are estimated for 2015. 9.000 $ of them will be consumed in Spain. This is a 64% increase compared with the past year and it is predicted to be higher during the next 3 years.  
Bing proposes some insights for campaign planning through the touristic search queries analysis. 


  •  Seasonality: the search queries about Tourism in Spain have grown from the middle of May, meaning an increase of 20% during July.

Volumen de clicks para el sector viajes en la Yahoo Bing Network
Bing Search Queries evolution

  • Niches: the tourism sector has an overall increase of 15%, while cruises get a 90% more and 30% is for car rental.  
  • Tourism Destinations: Spanish consumers look for the most known European destinations (London, Paris, Rome, Dublin), national islands (Canary and Balearic Islands) and some of Central and South America (Colombia and Cuba). The foreign population prefers big Spanish cities as Madrid and Barcelona, Islands (Canary and Balearic) and the main coastal cities as Malaga or Alicante. All this destinations are the favorites for the travelers who choose Spain. 
  • Demography: around the 50% of the search queries are from users between 35 and 65 years old. This trend is happening in all the European countries.  About the sex, 53% of the queries are made by women.
  • Devices: technology boom is reflected on search engines campaigns; 27% of the queries are made from mobile devices (smartphones and tablets). Accommodation is the most wanted category through mobile devices while 86% of flights queries are made by laptop.

Tourism sector is on rising and goes hand in hand with the latest gadgets and mobility improvements. This industry has 54% more of clicks comparing to 2014, 167% for tablets and 105% for smartphones. 


New ads, New conversions opportunities

Discounts, discounts and more discounts. It is easy to be repetitive when we are writing the touristic campaign copies. It is important to spend time looking for new ideas, call to actions or combinations to improve the conversion rates and user experience.

We have to consider our brand impact, current offers, and clear but innovative call to actions when we are writing the ad copies. If we want to create effective ads it is crucial to explore different decision makers, user needs and test new combinations. 

For example, if we know that half of the search queries are made by 35 – 65 years old women, we can design specific campaign with a lot of conversion potential for these niches: family vacations, business trips or packages for senior citizens.

Let’s find the best formulas that are not exhausting for the user. Why do not use the word “offers” with a powerful value generator (example: exclusive or all inclusive). Another option is to offer extra or premium benefits instead of take part of the last minute discount battle or the hackneyed “from X”. The non-intermediate reservation can be also an effective CTA for someone who is looking for an accommodation. 

iProspect Recommends

  • App extensions use: due to the mobile queries increase in the touristic sector, we can boost the conversion rates through the AdWords extensions designed to promote the app download.
  1. Advanced conversions: clicks and installations.
  2. Intelligent detection: Bing automatically detects the user device and sends it to the right applications market: iOS, Android and Windows.
    1. Advanced sitelinks
    2. Location extensions.  
  • Combined extensions: different extensions combinations for more attractive ads with better CTR percentage (click through rate).

  • Automated rules creation: automated rules will allow us to improve campaign results while we can have more time to design new actions and


Why use Bing Campaigns?  Even if the search queries percentage is smaller than in Google, we can take advantage of some benefits as a lowest competition level, cheaper CPC and a higher CTR (0,30€ is the media of the sector in laptop devices and 0,17€ in mobile ones). This means a better budget performance and a higher level of conversions.

Happy conversion summer!