Intelligent Content iProspect

Intelligent Content

iP Intelligent Content the new content creation and distribution service, recently  and globally announced in Cannes.

 A new service line developed thanks to the new content agency acquisition by Dentu Aegis called Jhon Brown.

 Therefore, Intelligent Content is built in four pillars: market prospection searching for the interested user, content creation, optimization and amplification.

 A joint venture with the best of two agencies and add some of the most powerful tools as CCS and iProspect performance solutions with the creative talent of Jhon Brown professionals.

 In words of Ben Wood, Global President of iProspect, this is a good opportunity to reinvent iProspect and its offer while we add an additional competitive advantage.

 Wood emphasizes that search and content marketing are two sides of the same coin. He also states that the agency of the future will unify the creative and content strategy with programmatic data and results. 

The iProspect president recall that iP clients have been benefitting from the data based solutions to acquire visits to their webs and apps. However, Wood remarks the importance of having a relevant content experience inside these assets in order to achieve a better conversion percentage.

"The content we want to create with Jhon Brown for our client is focused to a performance strategy.  I’m not sure about my traditional publishers can create this kind of content because is more agile, attractive and real time content. It has a different publishing process, “states Wood.

 Jhon Brown will take advantage of this joint venture maintaining its identity inside the group. This supposes a great competitive advantage and a world expansion opportunity because traditional content agencies don’t have data and analytics, something that is missed and is getting more demanded.