Google Search Console Mobile

Thinking in the new release of app content indexation through the search engines and how we Google open its business to iOS apps and devices (posted in our blog - Mobile App Indexing API article), we have a doubt: Where can we see the new indexed content data?

How we measure App content data?

It is necessary to measure and analyze search results data to obtain solutions and conclusions for optimizing the app based on the user’s behavior. We’ll do that after the developers can activate the links in the App Developers Console and we start to see search results with indexed app content.

If the data is in Google, it is supposed that we can measure with Analytics, but because it is an app, how can we do that?

Google has developed the Search Console to face this limitation. This tool will allow us to create reports and study the app content data into the search engines. It also will be supplemented by other data as eMMa. This tool will provide user behavior and interaction data for Android, iOs and Windows Phone.

Search Console View

Once we add the Search Console and link to a website (only available for administrators and owners) we’ll start to analyze app data and do the required optimizations.