iProspect I Big Performance

The I Big Performance Event of iProspect

We celebrated the I Big Performance event at Madrid (Lubeck 99) last 3th of June. A good opportunity to see and listen some of the best results marketing professionals inside the digital & technological industry. 

The session, From Data to Results, was focused on Data Insights & Technology Tools. How to manage large amounts of data for optimizing channel performance and improving results. 

Our main technological partners made a review of the most advanced tools in Performance Marketing supported by several case studies and practical demonstrations. Two of the most important were iActivate and iAnalyse. The first one is designed to empower organizations through creating and automating their AdWords campaigns in real time. The solution is dynamically synchronized with their product feed. For this reason, it is very indicated for advertisers with a wide range of products. The second one, iAnalyse, is an iProspect reporting platform that enables client and agency stakeholders to store and visualize media performance multi-channel data. Having been adopted by some of our largest clients, iAnalyse dashboards have been successful in facilitating actionable insight and driving real ROI improvement. 

In addition to these contents the I Big Performance of iProspect was about other topics as:

  • iP Intelligence, a service that offers the possibility of analyse the lead effectiveness through a predictive model; a key point to consider into the lead acquisition plan and media mix. 

  • And other tools that helps teams to reduce the ecommerce bounce rate and to analyse the conversion paths in order to determine the contribution and attribution of each channel.

During the event, the session emphasizes the importance of impact qualified audiences with a better conversion potential and choose the channels more suitable for the target.

In words of Luis Esteban, CEO of iProspect, "This kind of events remind us that technology and performance always go together, but they need the eye of an expert to achieve excellence”.