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Does SEO overcome ASO?

Considering last changes as we saw in Mobile App Indexing Api post, Google provides the opportunity of indexing app and website content into the search engines. So the user can change where to click, whether the app or the website. In this case we are filled with doubts. Which one will be the queen of the optimization techniques? SEO or ASO?

This has an explanation. With the last changes we can think in a non-far future where Google index not only the site contents but also the app contents, regardless of the website. With this feature, the SEO analyst and developers will able to optimize the app meta-information and content to improve the search results positioning.

Because the positioning opportunities in the App Stores are limited it is not fanciful to speculate that early or late SEO for apps will be more important than ASO optimization.

It is clear that both of them are good opportunities to improve the positioning in search engines and in App stores. We can work them independently so instead of thinking about which one will be the most important, we should thinking on combining both disciplines to achieve a whole optimization Project.

For the moment, this last change hasn’t been implemented yet, so we’ll keeping working on the site app for positioning the contents into the search engines.