BMW 2 Series Coupe Launch Promotion

See how we use Baidu Brandzone to help BMW capture more audience in new car launch.


How to deliver the launch message to massive consumers?

How to increase new product awareness?

How to effectively attract consumers to the official website?



New car release  - Digital marketing is the key launch campaign for the 1st  time


•Deliver:Enhance 2 Series exposure, through maximizing impression volume;

•Cooperate: Close cooperation with digital marketing strategy  to drive traffic to the website and maximize the media impact;

•Drive Traffic:Lead more audience to visit the 2 Series website and engage them. 

The Results

  • 1,519,756

    Average daily impression

  • 10 times

    increase in daily traffic

“The seamless switch in brandzone models is quite innovative and unique which makes it an excellent case in the automative industry.”


Influence potential, core and competitive consumers and deliver the launch information through the combination of three channels of investment including keywords, brand zone and cookie-oriented network.  Leverage awareness of parent Brand (BMW) on search to maximize the awareness of the new Series 2, with a focus on combining high impact Brand Zone on Baidu search for the parent brand keywords and the different models..

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