Leveraging unique mobile IDs to reach a new audience


The Challenge

St-Hubert, a part of Cara Group, is an iconic Quebec restaurant franchise founded in 1965, with a network of 122 restaurants in Eastern Canada. A popular, household name in the French Canadian restaurant market, St-Hubert dining rooms have become a popular gathering spot for millions of families and friends for more than five decades. 

As the restaurant industry continues to evolve and diners become increasingly critical of culinary experiences, St-Hubert sought an opportunity to attract a new target audience. Amongst the latest growing culinary trends, the restaurant franchise chose to launch a new brunch offering to attract a new, urban and trendy audience.  

St-Hubert mandated iProspect to develop a launch strategy to attract the new target audience to St-Hubert restaurants during brunch hours. 

The Results

Unique mobile IDs generated




Serving the right message at the right time to attract competitor diners drove a new audience to restaurants.

Increase of in-restaurant traffic during Brunch hours


St-Hubert 3

The Strategy

The competition of restaurant brunch offerings within the Quebec market was strong and challenged iProspect to devise a strategy that would not only attract the desired audience, but serve the right message at the right time.  

In order to achieve this, iProspect implemented a mobile strategy to target diners who recently visited a competing brunch restaurant (top 20) in the last 90 days. Once identified, the goal was to serve them an ad for the St-Hubert brunch offering at the most opportune moment.