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Regional 'pool and hot tub' retailers in Quebec were struggling to get favourable positions in the search results. This is the story of how iProspect managed to turn it around by introducing the positive effect of local marketing.

The Challenge

Our retailers are competing with Club Piscine, Trevi and Groupe Maître Piscinier, brands that are very well-known in Quebec. The competition is fierce, and getting into the game, even within a specific region, is a serious challenge.

Simon Nadeau Director of Sales and Marketing at SIMA Group

SIMA Group is made up of thirty pool and hot tub retailers, which have been present on the Quebec and national markets for 25 years. Despite this, the online presence of each retailer has always been a big challenge. At the time we took on the mandate, almost none of the retailer websites appeared in the top 100 online search results for the relevant generic keywords ("outdoor pools", "hot tubs", etc.), either on Google Canada or on Google Canada Local Search. Increasing their organic web traffic and positioning them on the first page in Google Search, all with a very limited budget, was a serious challenge to overcome.

The Results

  • 65%

    average increase in organic traffic, all retailers taken into account, in comparison to the previous year.

  • 95%

    of retailers ranked on the first page of Google search, for all geo-localized keywords targeted.

  • 100%

    of retailers could now be found in Google's "Local Snack-Pack" results for at least 2 of the geo-localized chosen keywords.

In just 3 months, iProspect succeeded in considerably increasing the web traffic for SIMA's target retailers, even doubling (+100%) the traffic for some. Every retailer now ranks in local search results, and their positioning on local keywords (e.g., "pools" + retailer location), went from page 100 to page 1 on Google search.

By leveraging SEO efforts in the right way and prioritizing, we were able to obtain impressive results, even with a limited budget and in an industry dominated by giants.
Laurence Soucy Earned Media Advisor, Local SEO

The Strategy

The main objectives of the mandate were to increase the visibility of SIMA retailers on search engines for general and localized keywords, increase organic and referral traffic, and compete with the big players in the industry. To do this, iProspect used 4 major local marketing and organic search tactics, which allowed us to help these retailers rank highly in Google search.


Content Creation and Optimization
The copywriting and SEO analyst teams worked together to create new text areas and optimize the content of the main landing pages, while including local keywords (e.g. "pools in St-Eustache"). Because general pool-related terms are extremely competitive, iProspect's angle was to optimize the websites as much as possible according to the location of the retailer, so that search engines could better understand the local character of the business and display it in local search results. Reviewing the content also meant that iProspect's team could find canonical URLs for duplicate content, which also had a positive effect in terms of SEO.


Metadata Optimization
Reworking the title tags, heading tags, metadata (meta title, meta description) and "Alt" image tags, while including local keywords, also enabled the retailers to better position themselves in the search engines for local search queries.

Integration of Data Markup
In order to tag the data and present it in an attractive and innovative fashion in the search results, iProspect integrated markup on the website of each retailer. This structured data tagging system allowed Google to truly understand the nature of the business, where it is located, its opening hours and many other details, so that it could display this information in an attractive way in the search results for relevant queries.


Content Promotion
As well as onsite organic search tactics, offsite content promotion was also used. Because the local retailers had an almost non-existant external link portfolio, links acquired from localized Canadian sites were beneficial in increasing referral traffic, gain SEO authority, therefore better positioning the retailer websites in the local search results.

iProspect was very helpful in integrating digital into the conventional “bricks-and-mortar” business model of SIMA Group’s retailers. We are proud of this shift, and the results are significant. An improved web presence, as well as convincing results on local and mobile search have resulted in a widened client base in-store and many calls to our retailers. We have even gotten a head start on our main competitors!
Simon Nadeau Director of Sales and Marketing at Groupe SIMA

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