More bookings with personalised page titles

The Challenge

We saw a high drop-off on the Flight Search & Select page where only 21% of visitors clicked through to the next page. Various studies (both surveys and usability surveys) show that visitors often try to find the best deal by searching through both popular travel websites and airline websites. The challenge was to convert more people who were comparing prices on multiple sites and fill at least 80 additional Transavia aircraft through the solution.

The Results

Additional full flights


Exceeded goal


We saw interesting cultural differences. The Dutch are more susceptible to scarcity and urgency (number of seats) and the French are more sensitive to comparison information (the price).

The most important conclusion is that when presented with a personalised page title that contains information about the executed search, visitors are more inclined to complete their booking on the airline website. This resulted in enough bookings to fill 122 additional flights, exceeding our original goal by 52%.

The Strategy

When a user switches to another browser tab while comparison price shopping, we customise the Transavia page title with a personalised and relevant text that matches the search parameters. This draws the user’s attention back to the Transavia webpage and results in more completed bookings.