"L'app des comiques": a mobile app for iOS and Android where you can listen to shorts and sketches from your favourite CKOI comedians.

The Challenge

We wanted to leverage the humour sketches created during our 'Debout les comiques' program to reach a target audience that doesn't often listen to the radio (ages 25-34), and make our humour accessible on a larger scale.

Jean-Sébastien Lemire Director of Programming, CKOI

In an era focused on interactive and mobile media, increasing the audience for radio programming is a serious challenge. It is therefore important to make humour content accessible through a channel other than the radio in order to connect with the station's target audience: 24-35 year olds.

The Results

  • 20K

    apps installed in a single month

  • 4.8/5

    average of ratings

  • 30+

    mobile devices supported

In an impressive short period of time, "L'App des comiques" obtained excellent results. CKOI made use of its morning program "Debout les comiques" to promote the application, as well as installing advertisements and interactive kiosks in the Montreal metro.

The application was a great success thanks to its simplicity, regularly updated humour content and compatibility with a large number of devices.
David Lamarre
David Lamarre Digital Plaforms Deputy Director

The Strategy

The strategy behind the app development was to make the CKOI humour sketches available at all times, without being restricted to the dedicated airtime. The mobile app allows users to access content at the touch of a button, in less than two clicks, and to return to it often (loyalty building).


Press & Laugh
The application is equipped with a "Press & Laugh" button to listen to the joke of the day, audio humour clips from all of the stations' comedians, and the capacity to vote "thumbs up/down", add a clip to favourites, or share it on social networks-- encouraging the app to go viral.


User Experience
The wireframes and executed designs prioritized a simplified and enjoyable user experience that would facilitate the rapid consumption of content "on the go."

High-Performance App
The hybrid Adobe Phonegap development method assures compatibility with a multitude of different devices in a single click, reducing development time by 30%+ and resulting in a high-performance application.

Radio hosts Tammy Verge, Billy Tellier, etc. – used their notoriety to promote the App on air and on social media, which increased the viral effect.

Features evolution
The addition of new features (video section, pop-ups for downloads, etc.), continuous improvements, and frequent analysis of user data post-launch result in a fluid and sophisticated user experience.