Aditya Muktibodh

Data & Intelligence Lead

Aditya joined iProspect in 2017 and is Data & Intelligence Lead. Within this role, he drives the vision of data initiatives to improve measurement across the complex digital ecosystem. A typical day for Aditya includes working alongside client clusters to troubleshoot, strategize and identify areas to improve data measurement.  

Which iProspect value drives you the most? 
Collaboration - in a true sense, we cannot succeed without benefiting from each other's experience. 

What quote do you live by? 
“The greatest teacher will send you back to yourself.” People often underestimate the value of self-learning. The answers are always there, you just have to look. 

What do you do in your free time? 
I love nature and am passionate about wildlife. Whenever I get any serious time off, I like to visit nature preserves.