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Yahoo Native Ads: The New Social Media Outlet

When it comes to deciding which social media outlet to use for digital marketing campaigns the names that often come up are Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. However, there are other, lesser-known options that can be more advantageous to use, such is the case with Yahoo Native Ads.

Part of the recently launched Yahoo Gemini program, Yahoo Native Ads is a simple ad format displayed in the news stream of Yahoo’s main portal. It leverages the strength of Yahoo’s wide audience base as well as detailed targeting options — a benefit of having 2/3 of users logged in, enabling them to be targeted through their profile preferences and settings. Similar to Facebook Ads, Yahoo Native Ads can contain both an image and text.

Not only do the ads appear above user email inboxes in Yahoo Mail, but they also show on most Yahoo sites and apps including Yahoo digital magazines, Yahoo Sports, Yahoo Finance, etc. The ads also appear across the web on many sites in addition to the Yahoo homepage. Since these ads are basically embedded in the news feeds of consumers, they are more likely to be read and engaged with. 

The way ads are displayed is simple - for every seven real news stories a Native Ad will appear. It works on a PPC model, which means you only pay when someone clicks on your ad, and as an auction-based model, so the more you pay, the more significance will be placed on your ad. Yahoo uses enhanced targeting features, which takes the following into account when serving ads to their users:

  • Audience demographics
  • Interests
  • Location 
  • The category of your client’s business 

Yahoo also serves ads based on users’ previous search activity, clicked articles, and their Yahoo profile information. These added targeting features ensure that only the most qualified and likely to convert users are seeing your ads.

According to Yahoo, “Yahoo Native ads, when combined with mobile search, lift top-of-mind brand awareness up to 114%. Compared to traditional display, native ads lift brand-related searches up to 3.6x, and site view-through up to 3.9x.”

Taking advantage of this engaging ad format is easy. Advertisers provide one set of creative assets and Yahoo automatically assembles multiple native ad executions that are served across consumers’ desktops, tablets, and smartphones.

Where Yahoo Native Ads really shines on mobile, as it shows the ads in a very similar fashion to Facebook and results in the highest engagement between the various possible placements.

Yahoo Native Ads Strengths

Low Cost Per Click:  The average cost per click is really low compared to other Social & PPC campaigns, due to low competition and high inventory. This is one of the key strengths of Yahoo Native Ads. 

Strong Click Through Rates/Engagement Rates:  Users landing on the Yahoo portal are actively looking for news and stories they have not yet heard. They are more likely to have some time to spare for browsing news stories, especially compared to a platform like Twitter, which is known for its fast scrolling users.

Very Low CPM’s: Using a PPC model, advertisers only pay if someone clicks on the ad meaning the cost per impression is very low.  Yahoo Native Ads can be extremely beneficial for advertisers who have a low budget for branding activities.

In Conclusion

Yahoo Native ads is a very interesting option for advertisers that specialize in quality content or are looking for targeted & strong brand awareness at a low cost. This is a great alternative to Twitter, as the CPM is much lower, the targeting options are much more detailed, and the user base is more likely to engage with your content as the “feed” does not have as much competition and has less random content.

We recommend using Yahoo Native ads in conjunction with Facebook campaigns, as Facebook is still the most advantageous platform when it comes to targeting, CPM, and audience size.

This article was originally written by Matthew Gangnier.