SweetiQ: An All-Inclusive Package for Brand Awareness

“To be noticed, you have to stand out”. SweetiQ’s platform is meant to help you do exactly that. This local business marketing tool is designed to help brands gain valuable insight on how to improve their online presence and visibility in local search. Founded in September 2012, SweetiQ is the brainchild of three Canadian entrepreneurs who set out to incorporate all the best SEO tools into a single platform that can be used to support and drive enterprise-scale location-based marketing initiatives. SweetiQ offers a comprehensive dashboard with the status of your brand’s online presence with actionable recommendations to help improve your brand’s visibility and relevancy.

Presence, Visibility and Reputation

With the continual growth of mobile use, local entities that are trying to amplify their brand and drive more customers must have a clear understanding of where they stand in search and in user sentiment.

Websites are the first place to ensure that important business information such as business address and opening hours are present. This information must be easily accessible to users to facilitate their path to action at any time.

While a strong online presence is the key to widespread discovery for every brand – being everywhere at once requires a system for tracking and managing what’s being said. A brand cannot afford to let itself loose in the world “wild” web and must manage and track conversations surrounding it to mitigate risks of “bad buzz” and other branding horror stories.

One recent case was L’Hôtel Québec when one of their clients was bitten by bed bugs during their stay. The client made it their mission to ruin this hotel’s reputation by writing a negative review on one of the most widely read travel sites. Learning that the Internet never forgets is a hard pill to swallow.

Local, Social, Action

SweetiQ offers an easy way to manage and optimize your brand’s presence and reputation with recommendations built to drive your web performance and support your global business objectives.

SweetiQ gives brands the power to realize new potential in local markets and respond to users’ search journey in a more targeted way.  Where are users looking for you? Is your shop missing from important listing? Is it easy to find the store’s address? Is there a map with the best way to get there? Is there a phone number to call your restaurant in case I need to change my reservation?

Probably half of the small businesses trying to build up their online presence have difficulty achieving the visibility and engagement they want, while bigger brands are challenged with too much territory to manage. Making sense of the information that’s out there about your brand is what SweetiQ is all about.

The tool aggregates information about your brand from social, search and mobile. Once it has crawled the web, it provides a clear view of how and where your businesses appears across the local web through integrated dashboards that give you full coverage of your brand’s presence, visibility and reputation.

Managing conversations about your brand requires effort but it is also essential in an overcrowded conversation where messages are being shared every instant.

With SweetiQ users can harness the insights of an all-in-one solution that can streamline the process of optimizing for local, ensuring that the business information your customers need is “accurate and up-to-date whenever, wherever people search”. SweetiQ is an effective solution to understand your online standing – a key piece of the puzzle for achieving digital success.

This article was originally written by Marie O'Neill