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Q3 2018 Digital Performance Report

Consumers don’t see the world in terms of separate channels; rather, it’s one experience. Therefore, we’ve evolved our previous channel reports, which are now combined into one holistic view of digital performance. This new comprehensive look at all channels reflect the complex and connected reality of how people find information, make decisions, and take action today.

Select key takeaways from the Q3 2018 Digital Performance Report:

  • Lean into  content that contains Motion. Search, social and commerce platforms all saw an uptick in video, which can be a powerful differentiator and engagement driver with your customers
  • Ensure your feed is optimized for visual shopping ads. Consumers choose these over text ads, so it is key to employ product title and description testing, create extensions such as product ratings and merchant promotions, and leverage custom labels.
  • Take advantage of social platforms’ capabilities that drive efficiencies at scale. This includes Facebook Inc.’s placement optimization and the revised Campaign Managers for Pinterest and LinkedIn
  • Increase budgets for the days after a big sale. If Prime Day is any indication of future sales days, interest is still high from consumers and other competitors may not have the budget to compete.
  • Look at what features are showing up in the search results and how frequently they appear. IF video and/or image content is high in the search results, it’s important to ensure your site has them as Google believes is the user’s intent.

Download the full report for more details about how to navigate the holiday season and head into 2019 successfully.

Brittany Richter, SVP Products & Services, iProspect US, is the original author of this article.