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A day to reflect who we are

For most people, International Women's Day (IWD) rightly refers to equal rights for men and women. This day, this issue, over and above the plethora of statistics, is still delicate and even yet taboo.

What has become of gender equality after more than 100 years after IWD’s introduction?

As Annette Warring, Dentsu Aegis Network Canada CEO, mentioned in her note to all Canadian team members this morning,  in its last annual report on gender parity, the World Economic Forum (WEF) concluded that overall parity reached 68%, and that gender inequalities increased further in 2017 – for the first time in 10 years. According to this same report, the overall gap between men and women will be closed within the next 100 years, and it will be only by the year 2234 that inequalities in the workplace will be overcome... In other words, not only is the subject still relevant, but progress is slow; obviously, too slow. 

The report goes further - not only are our talents critical to the growth and competitiveness of our markets, but the lack of integration of women in our workplaces impoverishes our global community of skills, perspectives and ideas - all critical to address global issues and seize new opportunities. 

So how do we develop the potential of our brand ambassadors, while offering them equal opportunities?

At iProspect and Dentsu Aegis Network, diversity and inclusion are an integral part of our culture, our values, and we are committed to the development of all our talent. 

Dentsu Aegis Network Canada is proud to have three women at the senior executive level, the Chief Executive Officer, Chief Legal Officer and Chief Marketing Officer.  Across all brands 53% of managers are women, while they represent 44% of our employees. In addition, Dentsu Aegis Network offers, for all its divisions and offices, a career acceleration program for our high-potential employees. In Canada, 52% of participants are women. 

In Canada, iProspect is composed of 45% women, and women occupy 46% of our leadership positions. In 2017, 55% of iProspect appointments to leadership roles, hires and promotions combined, were female. The diversity of our female and male talents, the amalgamation of our different personalities and ideas, will enable us to bring our most innovative, creative and ambitious projects to fruition and shine in our markets. 

 Our values - being Pioneers, Agile, Responsible, Collaborative and Ambitious - are the foundation of our achievements and successes, and are put forward at every stage of our employees' life cycle. We recruit, hire, develop and promote our talents on the basis of these values, giving them as much weight as technical and soft skills in assessing performance. This is what we want to emphasize: the importance of our culture and the uniqueness of the individuals who make it evolve.

In the words of our Chief Talent Officer, John Stockwell - “For attitudes and beliefs to shift, people’s experience at work must first change. This is why we have made it our responsibility to cultivate an inclusive and diverse environment where people are empowered to be their true self and love their work.”

At Dentsu Aegis Network and iProspect, we invest in developing everyone's potential and providing equal recognition and opportunity for all. Our premise is simple: diversity and inclusion. 

It’s who we are. 

Written in support of the International Women's Day movement. #pressforprogress #hearhervoice #conquerthedivide