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iProspect Canada wins Best Corporate Culture at the 2014 iProspect Global Awards

We are pleased to announce that iProspect Canada won gold in the “Cultivating Culture” category at the 2014 iProspect Global Awards with its Work Hard Play Heart Challenge. Now in its third year, the iProspect Global Awards program is an opportunity for iProspect offices to showcase their outstanding work and culture. The original 86 entries submitted by 27 markets went through three rounds of judging by 80+ iProspect judges and members of the iProspect Global Steering Board.

This recognition highlights iProspect Canada’s unique corporate culture and showcases the team’s ability to get out of its comfort zone, work hard towards a common goal, and accomplish remarkable things.

The team that exercises together stays together, right? Absolutely! The Work Hard Play Heart Challenge pushed everyone’s physical performance and endurance to the highest limit, as a unified team, while fundraising more than $17 000 for a worthy cause; the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

All iProspectors agree that this challenge went far beyond sports and pro bono. The training took everyone out of a corporate setting and joined teams together to an unprecedented level. In addition, communication between one another in the office significantly improved.

As digital professionals, it is only normal to work in front of computers all day. This program, helped compensate our otherwise sedentary lifestyles with physical activity for up to 3 to 4 hours a week. The challenge allowed the team to gain a new perspective on the importance of having a sound mind in a healthy body, especially in our stressful and dynamic industry.

Going beyond supporting a good cause and having a good time with our sailing challenge, the real change here is in how iProspect Canada conducts its work. We now work in an even more agile, pioneering, ambitious, responsible and collaborative way.

Video Recap

An image is worth a thousand words – Let the participants talk for themselves. See a recap video of the challenge below: