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Everything You Need to Know About The New Instagram Ads Platform

Digital advertisers across Canada have been anxiously waiting for Instagram Ads, but the wait is finally over as some clients have been selected to publish content on the engine. Our team at iProspect in Canada had the chance to experience it, and there’s one thing to say: Instagram Ads do not disappoint!

With social media bursting at the seams, in terms of volume of advertisers willing to maximize the varying social platforms, Instagram is receiving a warm welcome from major advertisers. Big brands such as Stella Artois, American Express, Starbucks and Mercedes Benz are the first batch of advertisers selected by Instagram to advertise on the platform. 

As it still rolls out in Canada, a handful of advertisers that have already been carefully selected by Instagram are getting very excited about the potential. Not only do the results speak for themselves, but the account platform is very impressive.

Instagram Ads know the importance of detailed metrics needed to fully measure and understand performance. For instance, information on the reach and frequency of every post is available on the Instagram UI. This is a major step ahead of Twitter, as they have yet to provide these metrics and thus limiting engagement rates to mirror CTR; which is misleading.

Account Level Setup

The platform breaks down into two sections: the account level statistics, and the post results level. Both offer remarkable clarity on how each is performing. At the account level, there are 4 separate categories focusing on different metrics:

  • An account summary where the overall performance for both organic and paid posts is broken down by month and week.
  • The next section focuses on performance, allowing you to segment all data through a specific timeframe. It provides advertisers with detailed information on Impressions, Reach, Frequency and the followers rate by day.
  • This category digs deep into the account’s followers, showing when they are active and engaged most with your content by day and hour. You also see other detailed information such as demographics by gender, location and language.
  • Finally, the last section on the account level drills down on all post (organic & paid) performance, allowing you to segment by content type and specific timeframe. The metrics provided include impressions, reach, likes and comments.

Ad Level Setup

Although the account level is very impressive, the ad account level offers great visibility on the performance of paid posts. It is divided into 3 different sections showing ad performance through multiple metrics.

  • An ad account overview shows the account’s overall objective, target demographic, impressions, and a detailed breakdown of impressions and reach at a campaign level.
  • A campaign audience overview shows the ads impression and reach by age and gender.
  • The last section on the ad account level drills down on all paid post performance. Metrics provided are: posts status, impressions, reach, frequency, likes and comments.

Another section on the Instagram platform is the ad staging section, where advertisers upload all of their content. Instagram has made it very easy to create an ad. All that is needed is an ad name, the actual image and the ad copy. It also offers a side by side preview of what the post will look like on the platform. 

What About Performance?

As great as the back end is, the results are even more impressive. The accounts performance has seen a steady 7 time increase in the number of followers by day, and the post’s performance has doubled since the beginning to promote content.

As this platform is still new in terms of ads, it is hard to provide benchmarks. However, iProspect Canada has seen the percentage of engagement rate range from 4% to as high as 12%, while the same content on Facebook and Twitter only reached engagement rates ranging from 2% to 4%.

As Instagram starts to roll out ads to all advertisers, it will most likely continue to improve on its already impressive platform. iProspect is one of the first Canadian advertising agencies that has access to the platform, and will continue to report on overall performance as more campaigns are tested on Instagram.

This article was originally written by Matthew Gangnier.