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What You Need To Know About Google’s New Price Extensions For Text Ads

With Google constantly releasing new and improved extensions, it can be hard to navigate which features are the best fit for your PPC strategy. Here we debunk the newest feature, Price Extensions for Text Ads, and whether or not it’s the right tool to fit your business!

What Are Price Extensions?

Google’s newest addition to their lineup of available extensions is Price Extensions for Text Ads. These new ad extensions appear in list form below your current text ads, providing potential customers with a list of available prices for your products or services.  Additionally, each row will link to a landing page, making this an effective way to drive highly relevant traffic to your website.

What Are The Advantages Of This New Extension?

The clearest advantage is the additional real estate you’ll gain on the search engine results page. They can also be used alongside your current ad extensions to create a robust and informative ad. This new layer of information allows potential customers to assess what products or services they might be interested in starting right from the search results page, and help ensure that you’re paying for the best quality traffic when they do decide to click. In addition, one of our clients in the automotive industry saw the click-through rate of their mobile traffic more than double after implementing this new extension. This notable boost in click-through rate will undoubtedly improve an ad’s relevancy, and therefore also contribute to an increased quality score.

How Can They Be Used?

Price Extensions can be placed at the account, campaign, or ad group level. They can also include an exact price, or simply be preceded by a price qualifier such as “From” so they can be applicable at a broader level.  Strategically, they can be applied to inform users of ongoing price advantages and can also be scheduled, making them ideal for limited time promotional pricing.

Who Should Be Using Price Extensions?

One main caveat with Price Extensions for Text Ads is that they’re only available on mobile. For this reason, they are best used alongside a mobile optimized website. Moreover, price extensions will only be displayed for the top position ad on the SERP, so it’s important to know that you’ll be paying for that top ad spot in order to take full advantage. Lastly, they are currently only available in English. However, we consider this a good opportunity to test how they work best for your business as we expect they’ll be rolling out additional languages in the near future.

Moving forward we intend to monitor the results this new extension has on mobile traffic for various business models. Ultimately, taking advantage of the many ways to create the best possible user experience while maximizing your real estate on the search results page is a pivotal part of creating an optimal PPC strategy. Whether it be pricing for a product, service, brand, or event, this new extension allows us to provide all the information possible and not leave your customers guessing.