From Discovery to Conversion

Pinterest is known to many as the go-to platform for idea creation and discovery. Whether you’re looking for ideas for home décor or recipes for your next dinner party, Pinterest has the inspiration to help you discover what you’re looking for. According to Pinterest, over 14 million people in Canada use the platform every month - resulting in a massive opportunity for advertisers. Not only is Pinterest a fantastic platform for discovery, in the year that Pinterest opened their office in Canada, they’ve released some impressive conversion-based opportunities for Canadian advertisers to capitalize on.

With Black Friday, Cyber Monday and the Holidays fast approaching, now is the perfect opportunity to take advantage of Pinterest’s offerings, whether the intent be to drive online or offline sales. Take a look at some of Pinterest’s latest tools and ad formats to see how the platform can help you achieve your brand’s digital marketing objectives. 

Available Ad Formats

Shop the Look

Pinterest Shop the Look - mobile phone

How does it work?
Shop the Look Pins allows users to purchase products from within the Pin. The pin includes white dots throughout the image that call out different parts of the look. When the user taps the dots, the different elements of the image expand with more product information, and users can also click to the brand’s website to make a purchase. 

What is the opportunity?

  • Users engage with Shop the Look Pins three to four times more than they do with Pins without the feature
  • Users are five times more likely to save Shop the Look Pins
  • Shop the Look Pins drive exponential traffic to brand websites

Source: Social Media Today

These pins are a great way to feature multiple products in one image and can easily turn a discovery related search into a purchase. 


Pinterest Catalogue example

How does it work?
Brands can upload their entire product catalog to the platform, to what is called Pinterest Catalogs. Once this is done, each product automatically turns into a product Pin. Product Pins include price, availability, product information, and more. From there, you’re able to sort products into groups and create shopping ads. 

What is the opportunity?

  • 55% of Pinners are looking specifically for products 
  • 90% of weekly users use Pinterest to make purchase decisions
  • 1 in 2 Pinners make a purchase after seeing a promoted pin 

Essentially, when Catalog ads are used with shopping ads, highly visual and actionable ads are created. Pinterest influences buying decisions, and these visually appealing ads make it even easier for you to reach relevant Pinners in the right places on Pinterest. 

Available Tools

Lens Visual Search Tool

Pinterest Lens - mobile phone

How does it work?
One of the most unique offerings on Pinterest is the Lens Visual Search Tool. The tool isn’t specific to paid advertising, but paid advertising can definitely benefit from it. This tool works when the user points the camera within the Pinterest app at an object. Pinterest will then populate items and ideas that are related to the image. 

What is the opportunity?
The visual search tool can identify 2.5 billion fashion and home products, making it a great tool to help Pinners discover new products. For brands, it’s a perfect opportunity to have their promoted pins appear when Pinners are using the Lens Visual Search Tool, giving your brand’s pins more exposure and opportunity for the user to discover and convert on your products. 

At its core, Pinterest is a discovery platform, however...

Pinterest advertising can help your brand deliver appealing and relevant ads, making it easy for the consumer to find what they’re looking for and purchase, all in one place. As we head into Black Friday and the Holidays, consider these ad formats and tools to help reach your digital marketing objectives and to contribute to measurable business growth.