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The Amazon Imperative: Unboxing the Everything Store

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This report dives into Amazon and what brands need to know about the ever-evolving “everything store,” including strategies for product promotion, gaming the algorithm, and how to decide if Amazon is right for you.

Amazon has risen to the top of every performance conversation today. Top of mind for brands is how to respond to the company’s massive growth and whether or not the platform should be viewed as an opportunity for brands, or a risk to their sales. With 75 percent of the US adult population (around 209.1 million people) regularly using or visiting Amazon.com, the site is almost always one of the key places a brand’s audience is not only spending their money, but also their attention.

Key Points:

  • 54% of consumers state that they start their product research on Amazon, rather than using other search engines.

  • 78.1 million people use Amazon on their mobile phone to compare prices or availability online when shopping in an actual store.

  • 30% of Amazon shoppers click on the first product featured on a search page, making being at the top of the page critical for opportunity and growth.

  • Regardless of category, a significant portion of a brand’s customers are shopping on Amazon, and their expectations for customer service and shipping rates/times from other retailers are increasing because of that.

  • While marketers’ fears of Amazon are understandable, with the right approach, smart brands can still use the platform to drive performance and sales without sacrificing brand value.

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