Dentsu Canada 2020 Consumer Trends Report

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As citizens of Canada, we are all interconnected. We often behave with a sense of community that is to the benefit of Canada, and the world. We do this much of the time, but not all the time. There is a dichotomy to our actions; focusing attention on the collective (WE) as well as on improvement of the individual’s circumstance (ME).

These WE/ME mindsets are not static; they swing back and forth throughout the course of the day, creating moments of selfless and selfish needs and desires. In 2020, we see these points of contradiction shaping how consumers behave and how we, in turn as marketers, can connect with them.

Dentsu Canada's 2020 Consumer Trends Report is here with all the key points you’ll need to know about Gen Z, AI automation and navigating the year ahead.

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