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Going Global: The International Business Traveler

Since we make it our business to know consumers well, we’d like to introduce you to a fascinating consumer. In this industry-first study, we've uncovered the inner-workings of the elusive and influential International Business Traveler (IBT). There are 5.2 Million people in the U.S. who travel internationally for business more than twice per year. This group spends 20 Billion dollars annually. Our research shows that IBTs far outweigh other consumer segments (the affluent, millennial and leisure travelers) in behaviors like spending power, adoption of trends and receptivity to digital advertising. 

In addition, the IBT is highly valuable to several industries – travel and hospitality, luxury, retail, finance, and technology sectors. 

Is your passport ready? Travel with us as we get to know the IBT. In this paper, we’ll explore best in class strategies and tactics that will earn the IBTs valuable attention and loyalty both at home and abroad.

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