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As an iProspect’s Web Analyst, you will be part of the Data and Analytics department and you will support the Media teams not only on their performance analysis but also on the measurement of digital projects (web sites, mostly), and on their Data Visualization and Conversion Optimization projects as well. You will play a key and a highly versatile role in our agency, and you will have the chance to work with top-notch industry experts.

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require "Your role needs a strong understanding of e-marketing, and also a proper understanding of the inherent complexity of Information Technologies."
+ "Passion for the digital world and Web Analytics technologies.";
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Data Visualisation

While working in different projects, you will collaborate with the Digital Business Strategists and the Sales team to ensure that your input is clear and that it is effectively communicated to the client, in order to support the initiatives that will contribute to the success of our clients’ campaigns.

One of the key aspects of our work is Data Visualization. We have the opportunity to implement and optimize platforms like Tableau.

Therefore, our company’s biggest clients will count on you to appropriately manipulate the data flow and create compelling and stimulating dashboards.

You creativity will constantly be put to the test so that our dashboards can be followed by actions. So, we do a pie-chart or something better?

Data is increasingly important and we make most of our decisions from it. That's why we need you in our team.
Axel Queffeulou Head of Data & Analytics

Soft Skills

  • Curiosity / Passion

  • Ability to investigate / Resilience

  • Logic / Solution-oriented

  • Adaptability / Focus

  • Proactivity / Collective energy

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