Affiliate Marketing

How We Do It

There are many affiliate publishers globally, from cashback and discount sites to content and remarketing. Instead of chasing deals that are superficially attractive but poor fits strategically, our approach is to use our data and expertise to build programmes with the publishers we know will best fulfill the objective. This increases the success of a programme by offering transparency to partners whilst building the right relationships with the right audiences.

How It Works

Process Assessment

We assess current and historic activity and review the existing publisher base. The data we gather here forms the basis for subsequent actions.


We study areas where the programme may under-index versus the rest of the market. We also evaluate competitor activity within shared publishers.


We audit the programme against a checklist of efficiency metrics, focusing on areas where we can make improvements and create new efficiencies.


From this checklist, we use our relationships with publishers to create a strategy that help brands reach their KPIs, with a strong focus on transparency.

Brand Protection

This includes commercial protection with auditing copy and preventing fraud, which is often more widespread than marketers realise

What We Do

We make our clients’ programmes better than the competition, positively influencing decisions throughout the purchase journey. Our specialists help each client map out an individual programme to achieve the desired results in the most effective way. While generating leads and revenue, we also help brands to scale and we identify the best technology to reach their goals.

We operate locally and globally, save time on processes, and focus on driving annual growth. This is in part because commercial relationships afford us significant leverage, and in part because our performance approach is focused on delivering results in places where others may not think to look. We create private, best-in-breed affiliate networks on any scale, including the technology our clients need to keep it on track. With extensive tech ability in-house, we tailor the platform to our client's goals, not the other way around.