Google's New Layout

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Discover our analysis on the changes and impacts of Google's new sponsored links layout.

As of the end of February 2016, Google has rolled out a new User Interface of their search results on Desktop worldwide. The main objective Google is striving for, is to offer an identical user experience across all devices.

At iProspect Belgium, we conducted extensive research using more than 17 million impressions, with a focus on the Travel & Finance sectors, in order to find out what impact this change had on the Adwords metrics of our clients on generic keywords.

As every campaign strives towards different objectives, it is important to monitor very closely and analyze the outcomes of testing different positions. Positions 3 & 4 showed positive results in terms of CTR & CPC. Whereas position 1 & 2 results were more mixed. Nonetheless, Google grants more visibility to your ads with this new lay-out and advertisers need to continue to work on the quality and relevance of their ads and specifically their extensions.

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