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Case Study


In a multi screened world we have found that there is increased awareness of an ad if there is a synchronisation between screens.


Paid search changes fast. If you’re in gambling, like bet365, the pace is relentless — especially at peak traffic hours, when bidding gets particularly aggressive and without a bid management solution. We needed to find a better way.

If we could find the most qualified traffic at the most relevant times, we’d save a lot of money. We could then reinvest this into other areas that needed it. Our plan is to be at the top of page on expensive terms when a user is more likely to create an account.


We decided to create a script that increases (or decreases) CPC bids depending on what above the line activity bet365 were running, mainly TV spots and in ground sponsorship. For this we looked at AFL, NRL and generic sports betting terms and change bids based on:

AFL : TV Spots and live games in ground sponsorship NRL : TV Spots and live games in ground sponsorship Generic Sports Betting : TV Spots To see how well our custom script worked, we put together an on-off-on testing plan. We’d set the script running for 3 or 4 weeks (dependent on traffic), note any changes and then turn it off for a week before setting it going again. The one-week off period would tell us if any changes were down to the script, or something else.


We saw much better conversion rates with the TV script running across NRL (up 76%) and AFL (up 59%) except on highly competitive sports terms where the Pacquiao Mayweather fight skewed results - there was a very high conversion rate this week.