Case Study


Using Subaru’s CRM data, iProspect developed a unique, lead generation strategy that led to us enlisting the help of Apollo Nation (Australia’s largest experiential company and part of the Dentsu Aegis Network) to design creative for a tactical EDM campaign.

Together, our two agencies were able to launch an exciting promotion which offered a highly targeted audience the opportunity to win a trip to Noosa (on Australia’s Gold Coast) upon completion of a test drive.

This was the first time Apollo Nation would work with Subaru as a client. 


iProspect were tasked with  driving 1,450 additional cost effective leads to the Subaru dealer network during the off-peak automotive season (Jul to Sep 2014) through digital channels only.

In addition to this challenge, a key insight from Subaru’s CRM system was that only one in five customers had a valid email address and so we needed to ensure that the leads generated were accurately captured in order to facilitate growth of the database. 


Working with Apollo Nation and two external publishers, iProspect developed a zero risk, lead generation strategy that targeted users who were actively researching new cars with an EDM, offering them the chance to win a trip to Noosa upon completion of a test drive. 

We worked collaboratively with Subaru’s CRM and Digital agencies, to facilitate the smooth integration of the lead data directly into the Subaru CRM portal via API technology.

Constant optimisation and seamless integration efforts between iProspect, Apollo Nation, Subaru’s CRM, Digital agencies, the Subaru Marketing team and our publishers enabled us to effectively address the challenges around lead delivery. 


To date, we have exceeded the target by 13.8% and delivered 1,690 test drive leads to Subaru.

This was the first time that Subaru had engaged iProspect and Apollo Nation to deliver against a test drive lead target on a CPL basis. These results may influence a long-term retail and acquisition strategy and external lead generation publishers will be considered for all future campaigns.