Real Insurance

Case Study

Overall Summary

iProspect wanted to demonstrate the benefits of adding paid social to the digital marketing mix to our client Real Insurance, who had previously only focused on paid search as the main driver of life insurance leads to their call centre (outside of SEO and other non-paid traffic).

We achieved this by setting up a test that would not only show the value of paid social in delivering incremental leads to those delivered through paid search, but also to demonstrate the positive  impact that one channel has over another when run alongside each other.


Real Insurance is an established advertiser within the PPC landscape and has played within top positions for numerous years. PPC performance was at its optimum, achieving 100% exposure and the maximum number of leads available on the desired keyword universe. 

However, budget allocation was still not being exhausted so Real Insurance was looking for new avenues to spend the remaining budget whilst also understanding the impact of the new activity on their PPC performance.

Real Insurance approved $34,000 investment on Facebook for a 4 week period in order to measure the impact of Facebook activity on existing PPC campaigns.


The testing period comprised of 4 weeks control followed by 4 weeks testing where the $34,000 investment was implemented. During the 8 weeks, PPC and all other media channels investment and activity remained static. Single source tracking was used to enable multi-touch attribution and correlation analysis.

During the test, we used Facebook’s native targeting, which comprised of broad category and demo targets, with right-hand side and page post link ads. Facebook’s creative best practice was adopted to build engaging content, which included using realistic images with the brand’s purple tonality. Messaging was holistically applied across both PPC and Facebook.


  • Brand PPC CTR increased by 24%
  • Non-brand PPC CTR improved by 6%
  • PPC leads increased by 15% despite investment dropping by 2.5%
  • Call leads increased by 18%
  • CPA improving by 4%
  • All of the above resulted in Facebook activity being added to the media plan as BAU activity, averaging $30k per month incremental media investment