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Personal, Adaptive, Valuable: The Future of Retail

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iProspect's proprietary consumer research study reveals a single theme: people of all demographic, gender or age, increasingly expect a personalized, adaptive and valuable retail experience.

Let’s think about how we shop - no two days are the same. Whether on our laptop at work, the phone in the airport, or the front porch on Saturday morning… we are loyal to brands that are there in specific moments of need. Turns out, every person holds the same expectation.

iProspect conducted a proprietary consumer research study.  One undeniable theme emerged from the data: all people, regardless of demographic, gender or age increasingly expect a personalized, adaptive and valuable retail experience. In this digital age, consumers are meticulously building personal ecosystems that conform to their exact needs.

Let’s define the three principles driving the future of retail:

  • Personal: Understanding the unique needs of the shopper.
  • Adaptive: Is the shopper in-store or online? On mobile or at home?
  • Valuable: Saving the shopper time, energy and/or money. 

We invite you to read our latest paper in which iProspect’s industry knowledge of digital strategy intersects with the trajectory of consumer preference to reveal the future of retail. 

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