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Our roots in paid search run deep and we know the space moves fast.  Working closely with other channels, we develop the most cost-effective ways to help people find you - always putting customers' needs first.

How it works

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    Paid Search, also known as Search Engine Advertising (SEA), refers to search ads in search engine result pages (SERP), which are triggered by a query in search engines like Google, Bing etc. We were born out of search, and our reach and market knowledge is unrivalled in the industry. Focusing on what matters to you most, we find the right blend of granular, strategic and detailed approaches to help you achieve your goals. The objective of the campaign always depends on the type of business you are running: the objectives of eCommerce businesses will strongly vary from objectives of companies without an online shop. Ideally, SEA goes hand in hand with SEO activities to guarantee a holistic strategy in Search Engine Marketing (SEM).

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    Creating a search campaign does not only require an understanding of tools like AdWords but also needs a strong strategy based on the objective and KPIs defined beforehand. The account structure is on the one hand aligned with the website content and on the other hand with topics associacted with the product or service. A clear structure and hierarchy are essential: We cluster existing content into topics, thus sum up different products into ad groups and then create expressive ads based on relevant keywords. Also, our close relationship with search engines and tech specialists give your business a real advantage.

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    Search is more than keywords. SEA account structures aren't static constructs. They live from insights and learnings, based on data gained during the course of campaigns. We follow an ongoing optimization cycle including keywords, ads, bids, landing pages as well as trackings. Testing and learning from data is key for all our SEA activities. We harness secondary signals to adapt your message to the user's needs in real-time. In this way, we use budgets in the most efficient way.

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    We collect your SEA performance and translate them into actionable insights in real-time. Look into your AdWords campaign in our dashboards at any time and find all metrics and KPIs at stake in an overview based on your needs. All learnings generated will constantly be used to further optimize SEA planning & action.

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