CRM - Customer Relationship Management

Make customer data easily useable.

Performance marketing is very distinct from traditional forms of marketing and underlies special dynamics. In our workshops you learn how these dynamics work as well as the goals, strategies and tools of performance marketing.

Our Offer

All our workshops are tailor-made so they meet the requirements of every individual client. Based on your industry category, knowledge-level and key topics we customize our workshop to your individual needs. Together, we develop either the basics of performance marketing or build on your existing structures in an advanced workshop. In all our workshops, we will work with you directly in the appropriate tools and also for existing set-ups.

Google Analytics

Data Analytics

Measuring success is an essential part of performance marketing. The basis for this is a well-structured analytics account and an understanding for the data generated there. Learn how your online campaigns can be tracked appropriately and how your data can be analyzed in order to continuously improve the performance of your marketing efforts and website. We show you how to create insights about your website users and their user-journey as well as optimize their experience.

Paid Social Workshop
(Facebook Business Manager)

Facebook & Instagram marketing make it easy for any advertiser to get their ads on social media. They offer some of the most detailed targeting options and gives advertisers the chance to make an impact, even with very small budgets.  However most advertisers miss a clear social strategy and goals, leading to posts being randomly boosted and a lot of money being wasted. Learn how to get the most out of your Facebook & Instagram budgets by understanding the difference between branding & performance campaigns, what KPIs are essential for which goals and which ad formats actually fit those goals.  

Paid Social Media

Search Engine Advertising (SEA)

Paid Search

Paid search is a strong performance channel, essential for both big as well as small companies. Users who already search for a product or service are highly likely to convert and are extremely valuable.  Leaving the customer at this relevant moment without a message means losing a great potential.  A clear defined paid search strategy as well as a professionally structured account are key when it comes to significantly improving returns on investment and avoiding unnecessary costs. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Workshop

SEO is essential as websites that are not shown on the first search engine results page (SERP) will have a hard time to survive – and most likely, so will their owners. Users rarely ever look to the second or subsequent search engine results pages. Together we elaborate your SEO strategy and make sure users can actually find your website.  We will also explore how to best optimize your website HTML structure, identify the optimal keywords for your content and understand the importance and impact of backlinks.

Natural Search