SEA Audits

AdWords SEA Audit

Google AdWords is one of the most efficient ways to address potential customers as well as drive traffic to websites. It is not sufficient to only set up an account if you want to achieve long-term success in search advertising. Reviewing and optimising the existing AdWords structure on a regular basis is essential. We therefore offer SEA Audits and identify best practices to help you further optimize your AdWords account and improve results accordingly.

Our basic SEA audit comprises:

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    Basic settings

    We check and analyze all main campaign and device settings as well as ad schedules and the structure of the existing account. Are you actually exploiting the full potential search volume and are you addressing the users that are relevant to your business? We point out your potential for optimization and highlight the resulting benefits.

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    The granularity of your account has a major impact on your success in search advertising. We aim at revealing unused potential and identify poor performers among ad groups that could reduce the account performance. In addition to that, we elaborate potential improvements when it comes to your ads in order to increase your SERP (search engine result pages) rankings.

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    Keywords & Quality Score

    Choosing the right keywords is crucial, but the adequate keyword match-type and quality score also play a decisive role in the success of your search accounts. We will find out which keywords will make or break your account performance by strategically adding new keywords or excluding irrelevant ones on the basis of search data. We want to make sure that your ad is only triggered when a user enters a relevant query.

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    Bid Management, Conversions & Budget

    When it comes to measuring conversions in AdWords it is important that conversion tracking is implemented accurately on the website. We will find out if data is collected correctly and if a bid management system is properly set up. We also show potential in optimizing the budget distribution guaranteeing that your investment in search advertising will pay off.